miercuri, 26 ianuarie 2011

we all have dreams

Some have big dreams, some are so modest, that they just don't dare to dream.
Why? Where is the sign for "Stop dreaming"? Dreams are food for soul, food for us being able to love, to have a path and even for us as human beings.
They say we could make it happen if we dream. So I started to dare dreaming about something. Because who knows? I may actually succeed.
 I used to think I'm not able to do that, or go there, or have a certain group or a certain guy etc. But now I know that everything my dream machine has produced in my head, they all happen. :-)
Our dreams are so strong sometimes, that ambition is the label that gets super glued on our foreheads. And we all know labels stick.
Yes, I dare to tell you that my dream is to write for women magazines, articles and editorials. And even though is almost impossible now, at least I have something to believe in, far beyond my actual job, that has nothing to do with writing... hihihi
I dare to have a dream.
What about you? What is your dream? :-)

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