joi, 30 decembrie 2010

Handbags are the pepper of your outfit: without them, the clothes are just white. And white is not a color without the opposite black.
Perfect handbags :

perfect NY outfit

girlfriends are forever

It's true what they say... some friendships don't just happen. Its all about our own language, history and magic when we're together. If 3 years ago I would be interested in building a relationship, now I'm just interested in my girlfriends.

 It's not that we end each other's sentences, it's that we never have to start them.
 Fun, earings, chit-chat, boys, coffee, boots, gossip, clothes, plans, chasing bubbles, bags and lip balm. This is me & every single one of my girlfriends.We don't talk every day, but not much happens in our lives that we don't talk about. So yes, I agree with "diamonds are forever", because "my diamonds" are my girlfriends.

joi, 23 decembrie 2010

my first cupcake.

 I am one of the girls who's paying attention to urban people. They just fascinate me like you are fascinated about the new season of Gossip Girl.
 URBAN is the new black! You fascinate me. Like the street style from the big cities, like London, NYC, Paris or every other big "fashion" city, I want to be in every corner seeing the urban girls in details.

This is your blog. Feel free to post and meet me. and my little cupcakes... :-)