marți, 25 ianuarie 2011


We all know summer is about fun, sand in our shoes, naked boys and popsicle on the boardwalk. But what if there's more? They say summer fling is all you can get in the summer, but sometimes what starts as a fling can actually lead to the real thing. But let's not get our hopes up... Summer is all about fun. :-D

and who doesn't want to spend their summer at the beach, making friends and get all tan? 

yes... my summer was the greatest.  chinese or McDonald's ( I didn't even care about calories, because as long you have a great tan, everything looks good on you :-), walks on the beach, many margueritas and my girlfriends. Only us, and the rest of the crowd, parties every night, boys looking hot in the sun and the heat burning our feet in the sand.

But everyone can agree on one thing: the end of summer is the begging of a new season. Tans fade, the fling is getting serious enough to run away, and we all get sick of ice cream melting and sand in our shoes...

So why not wait for the next summer? I bet you haven't seen nothing yet...

3 comentarii:

  1. Summer is not like winter :)) quoting a great poet ... B. Traian

  2. yes, sad but true, Mc is actually one of the most powerful symbols of the U.S.A.