miercuri, 20 aprilie 2011

remembering Marilyn

 The life story of Norma Jeane Baker, the girl who would become Marilyn Monroe, is as thrilling, glamorous and dramatic as anything seen on the big screen, and the camera was there to capture every chapter.

A star like no other.
I find her the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the history. She was a size 14. Nowadays, "beautiful" is size 2 or 4. Why is that?
"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."(Marilyn: Her Life In Her Own Words)

The last photo shoot for Vogue in 1962:

There has never been another like Marilyn, and there never will be.

marți, 5 aprilie 2011

♥ for American Eagle

Let's talk about my favorite brand.
One word to describe this brand: quality. The materials and the design of the clothes blows my mind.
Every time I was entering an AE store I was having an actual stroke of happiness. I was spending a lot of money in this store and I was visiting AE three times a week.


This is definitely the coolest brand for young women who want to have always a sexy casual look.
The official american way to dress up in the summer time: flip- flops, shorts and a top, ALL from American Eagle. It's like an uniform. So I was bound to dress up the same. So let me show you my outfit in a hot summer day in the U.S.A.:

  • love them , they're vintage because of the color and I'm obsessed with faded light blue wash and we love them rolled  

  • all my tops are simple and comfortable, so in the summer you can breath and feel yourself :-)

  • perfect footwear, I feel so comfortable in these, that I barely leave the house without them 
Ok. So I just showed you my summer time outfit, from American Eagle, the most comfortable brand that I know. There are many brands for my kind of outfits, but this one just bought my soul.