marți, 22 martie 2011

me, myself and I

   Girls have usually lots of dolls, hair products, lip glosses, books and clothes for infant baby, this in the spirit of dreaming of actually finding Prince Charming and giving birth to a little dude from the fruit of their passion.
   Well, that is lovely, indeed.

   Me? I've chosen a different path: I like to buy and collect articles, magazines and all kind of stuff about traveling.
    I have a big bag full of LIFE Magazines about "The World's Must -See Destinations", "Heaven on Earth", National Geographic Magazines, National Geographic Traveler, GEO Magazines and books with the big and wonderful cities, which I've been caring on the planes and in my suitcases, and let me tell you it wasn't easy, they're books, that means they're heavy, that means I've paid extra at the airport every time. :-))

 My dreams are all like that. And I have the courage to make them alive. By myself.

marți, 15 martie 2011

the essential elements in the closet.

Ok... So an idea just crossed my mind. How about a list with top 10 items from *the perfect closet*?
 Sounds like fun to me. This way, if something's missing, now it's the perfect time to make a list with things to buy. I don't think I need more clothes, but who knows?! :-)
Let's find out!One thing though: only clothes, because for shoes we need a totally separate list.

Let's do the invetontory and see what should we add to our lovely collection:
1. Black pants: they're the basic of the basics
2. Denim, usually dark but I have a pair of jeans in every shape and color
3. Dress: the dresses that we wear should be classy and sexy in the same time
4. Cardings: I love them, I couldn't breath without them
5. Trench coat: it's just a must; I myself have 3 of them
6. Skirts: we should wear them more often, we are girls most of the time :-))
7. Jacket/ Blazer: mine is usually leather, I have 4 of them in different colors
8. Tops: they fit with everything
9. Luxury handbags: I have only 4 of them, the rest of my handbags are casual
10. A great fitting bra: this is a must, the bra is so important, that sometimes it makes all the difference in the outfit

Ok. So this is MY list. I wish there was a magical list that would work for every woman, every budget and every lifestyle.
Enjoy your clothes every day! :-)

vineri, 11 martie 2011


Why do we say goodbye?
Did anyone ever thought about why do we have the constant need to say: "Back off, bubble head!", why do we reject people?
I find that not anyone can say Goodbye. You must have to "the balls" to say it. It takes courage to say it, and to let go...

So yes, I'm letting go. Are you making me cry?
Then my perfect answer would be: Fuck off!
And Goodbye.

marți, 8 martie 2011

Ever wonder how the perfect summer would look? Probably in words we can all describe it, I guess.
But I found again, one picture that describes best my perfect summer day.

Oh yeah... beach, relax, girl, smoking, summer.  :-)
Now I just need to wait for the summer!
Are you waiting with me?

marți, 1 martie 2011

smells like spring

 The spring is coming! I felt it from this morning, it's got potential this day I said to myself. And yees... I was right.
  So I started doing what I like most: browsing the Internet looking for blogs, reviews and fashion pics.
  And just like that, with the help of two of "my best friends" ( my laptop and chocolate bars with coconut ), I lounged around the house doing fashion blogs all day. There's nothing I like more than having time for myself.
  So please, let me introduce you  the pic of the day.

  The source: