marți, 22 martie 2011

me, myself and I

   Girls have usually lots of dolls, hair products, lip glosses, books and clothes for infant baby, this in the spirit of dreaming of actually finding Prince Charming and giving birth to a little dude from the fruit of their passion.
   Well, that is lovely, indeed.

   Me? I've chosen a different path: I like to buy and collect articles, magazines and all kind of stuff about traveling.
    I have a big bag full of LIFE Magazines about "The World's Must -See Destinations", "Heaven on Earth", National Geographic Magazines, National Geographic Traveler, GEO Magazines and books with the big and wonderful cities, which I've been caring on the planes and in my suitcases, and let me tell you it wasn't easy, they're books, that means they're heavy, that means I've paid extra at the airport every time. :-))

 My dreams are all like that. And I have the courage to make them alive. By myself.

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