marți, 15 martie 2011

the essential elements in the closet.

Ok... So an idea just crossed my mind. How about a list with top 10 items from *the perfect closet*?
 Sounds like fun to me. This way, if something's missing, now it's the perfect time to make a list with things to buy. I don't think I need more clothes, but who knows?! :-)
Let's find out!One thing though: only clothes, because for shoes we need a totally separate list.

Let's do the invetontory and see what should we add to our lovely collection:
1. Black pants: they're the basic of the basics
2. Denim, usually dark but I have a pair of jeans in every shape and color
3. Dress: the dresses that we wear should be classy and sexy in the same time
4. Cardings: I love them, I couldn't breath without them
5. Trench coat: it's just a must; I myself have 3 of them
6. Skirts: we should wear them more often, we are girls most of the time :-))
7. Jacket/ Blazer: mine is usually leather, I have 4 of them in different colors
8. Tops: they fit with everything
9. Luxury handbags: I have only 4 of them, the rest of my handbags are casual
10. A great fitting bra: this is a must, the bra is so important, that sometimes it makes all the difference in the outfit

Ok. So this is MY list. I wish there was a magical list that would work for every woman, every budget and every lifestyle.
Enjoy your clothes every day! :-)

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