marți, 5 aprilie 2011

♥ for American Eagle

Let's talk about my favorite brand.
One word to describe this brand: quality. The materials and the design of the clothes blows my mind.
Every time I was entering an AE store I was having an actual stroke of happiness. I was spending a lot of money in this store and I was visiting AE three times a week.

This is definitely the coolest brand for young women who want to have always a sexy casual look.
The official american way to dress up in the summer time: flip- flops, shorts and a top, ALL from American Eagle. It's like an uniform. So I was bound to dress up the same. So let me show you my outfit in a hot summer day in the U.S.A.:

  • love them , they're vintage because of the color and I'm obsessed with faded light blue wash and we love them rolled  

  • all my tops are simple and comfortable, so in the summer you can breath and feel yourself :-)

  • perfect footwear, I feel so comfortable in these, that I barely leave the house without them 
Ok. So I just showed you my summer time outfit, from American Eagle, the most comfortable brand that I know. There are many brands for my kind of outfits, but this one just bought my soul.

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